7 Hot Needs of Every Woman

7 hot needs of every woman

Women are creatures of desire. This is because they are emotional beings, and what women want in a relationship goes down to their feminine nature which men should thoroughly understand.

Having a good relationship with a woman requires knowing her innate needs. What women what in a relationship depends on certain factors, but the following are general needs that serious men should consider very well.

1. Affection
2. Admiration
3. Attraction
4. Attention
5. Addiction
6. Adaptation
7. Addition

1. Affection: 
Women want affection. They want to know that they are loved and valued in their relationships with men. You may hold a woman by hand as you walk together. Help her in household chores once in a while. Be kind and affectionate in your words - women are moved by what they hear. You should be lovely in words and in deeds.

2. Admiration
Women want men to admire them. They know this admiration when men are fond of them. Do not compare her with her friends; rate her well as being loveable. Respect her and her feelings.

3. Addiction: 
As a man, if you are truly in love with a woman, you will be addicted to her. It will be difficult to separate from her because she is interesting, caring, loving and well-behaved. Addiction is cleaving to a woman in spite of differences and weaknesses. Women want men to forbear with them and keep to them faithfully.

4. Attraction: 
Men are able to create deep impressions on women's hearts by virtue of emotional and physical attraction; women want their men to be attractive always. They want their emotions to be lively. There is something in every man that attracts a woman. It could be in terms of character, humor, appearance, or temperaments. You should make yourself attractive. Be a person that your woman would love to be with and be proud of.

5. Attention: 
The desire for intimacy is in every woman. Give yourself to her. Spend time with your beloved woman. Listen attentively to her. It is wrong to throw off women's opinions as trivial matters. Let her express herself the ways she feels. Women want men to be available wherever and whenever they want them to be with them, may be while cooking, shopping, or while having a moment of relaxation.

6. Adaptation: Women want men who will adapt to their temperaments. They want men who will accept them for who they are. One area is the need to validate their feelings. Men are logical in reasoning while women are emotional. So, they like men who validate their feelings. It really hurts to trivialize a woman's spheres of reasoning. Feel everything with her.

7. Addition: Every reasonable woman wants a man who will contribute positively to her life. Women do not like men whose intent is to take advantage of them for selfish reasons. They want a love relationship that helps them to improve in all areas of their being as well as their endeavours. Women want more value to be added to their femininity and personality.

In all, what women want in a relationship is happiness. Happiness is not a mirage. It is possible in respect of the above needs when men meet them satisfactorily.