The Damage Background Noise Can Cause In Our Relationship

Are you in a relationship? Then you need to read this

Once you start a genuine relationship, there must be sounds here and there but not all the sounds are reasonable. Some of them are just NOISE, that if not properly handled can tear your relationship apart.

The noise we encounter in relationship don't usually come from a far distance but from people you are familiar with. No wonder I call them BACKGROUND NOISE

What are the sources of this background noise? YOURSELF. Many a times we create the background noise. What is your heart telling you about your partner? How do you feel when you see her laughing with another person? She just greeted someone and there is riot and protest in your heart. You called his or her number and he or she did not pick and immediately uncontrollable noise filled your heart. He just assisted someone with a transport fare and the noise in your heart could not allow you to sleep. She did not reply your chat immediately and another dimension of noise started. The noise is telling you that she is chatting with another guy. He was just answering an innocent call and laughing and immediately you saw him, a NOISE came and settled in your heart. Please Make effort not to be the source of noise in your relationship.

DEAR FRIENDS, once they notice that you are in a relationship they will start noise. Of all the people on Earth, it is this guy or this girl you saw. She doesn't fit you, he doesn't fit you. You are too handsome to marry that girl. See many girls that are after you and you want to settle for this one. My dear all these statements may be BACKGROUND NOISE. Some friends can become noisy the moment you start off a relationship. Be careful!

Before you take action on any sound you hear about your relationship, please check if the sound is BACKGROUND NOISE.

Do you know that your lovely mother, handsome daddy, beautiful sister and even your courageous brother can be a background noise in your relationship?

Even though we value our families we need to be watchful to know when family members turn out to be a great source of background noise.  In as much as we need to listen to our family in our relationship, please pause and check when most of the things they are saying have become noise.
Family members should also be careful not to destroy relationship with BACKGROUND NOISE.

The noise matter is a serious matter, because nobody is comfortable with noise.

One of the most dangerous nature of background noise is that it can appear so real most times.

That is why care must be taken to handle all the BACKGROUND NOISE such as THEM SAY, I HEARD, I SUSPECT, I SAY, IS LIKE. Languages such as these ones can start silently but if not handled properly will become so loud and tear your relationship apart.

We need to focus our attention now on the causes of background noise.

When partners are not matured, there will be great noise in the relationship. Relationship is for matured people because it comes with great responsibility.

What you have seen, heard or experience in the past can cause background noise. What some guys have heard or seen in some ladies can make their hearts noisy in relationship. Young lady they told you that all men cheat and since then once you see your partner with a lady, you will change.

Some of us are the cause of noise in our relationship. Listen to these;

  • When you don't allow him or her touch your phone, you are indirectly bringing noise.
  • When you don't like answering calls in his or her presence, you are introducing noise in his or her heart.
  • When you delete messages, hide in toilet to make calls, refuse to reply chats or return calls, you are building a house of noise.
  • You said that the pet name SUNSHINE is for him or her and then he or she now sees you calling another person SUNSHINE. You just generated noise.

Once you are not secured, you will be noisy. You complain about everything. Insecurity is a sign of lack of trust.

The most dangerous noise is the noise that is generated within.
If we fail to handle noise, it will ruin our relationship.

It is dangerous to allow background noise to grow. The growth of noise in relationship is the death of trust in relationship. Do not allow noise to grow. The only way to deal with noise is to handle it. How do we handle noise?
The worst thing that can happen to you is to know less about your partner. Once you know less about your partner, noise makers will take advantage of you. If you know more about your partners, you will silence noise makers.
Do not allow the space between you and your partner to be large or else noise makers will fill  the gap and pretend to be information provided. Close that gap. This is why long distance relationship usually fail.
Please communicate with your partner. Inform your partner of things you know that can generate noise, you always drop a female co-worker off after work and your partner is not aware, in order to prevent this noise from rising, discuss it with your partner.
Once you are in a relationship, you have so many explanation to give. Anyone in a relationship should never say, I DON'T OWE YOU EXPLANATION. You owe him or her explanation, the moment you enter relationship. 
This is achievable through living a transparent life. One key way of achieving this is to LET GO OF THE PAST. The past can be dangerously noisy. The noise from the past can make you not to believe the present and see the future. Always allow the past to pass away.

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