The principle of AFTER SOME TIME

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole. In life, there is need to give time to everything we want to do because things and people change AFTER SOME TIME. This is because time reveals things. Many people experience difficulties in their relationship because they ignored the principle of after some time and this makes them have regret later on. Most of the...
  • I don't know that he or she is like this...
  • I don't know that he is heartless
  • I don't know that he/she is not spiritual...
Are because we failed to wait for the important time called "AFTER SOME TIME. We are living in a generation that we treat everything with FAST FOOD MENTALITY and this has destroyed many relationships. Relationship is a serious business and thus should be given time. I have seen many people who decide that they don't believe in love but yet they are in a relationship. Many people tends to see relationship as a sort of friendship stuff but relationship is more deeper than that and therefore so be given serious attention. Therefore before you rush and draw conclusion, listen to the following....
  • You see that " I LOVE YOU" and other love languages give it time to know whether it will last....
  • You see that care and attention, wait for after some time to know if it is real. It may disappear the day he asks you to come to his house alone and you refused... Give it time...
  • You see that spiritual vibrancy, give it time... She may be acting because she knows you like spiritual things...
  • Do you see those sweet names like honey, sweetheart etc... Please take it to the laboratory of AFTER SOME TIME for proper testing... Those sweet names may be based on circumstance.
In as much as we will not advocate for extra long relationship, a hasty one is dangerous. GIVE IT TIME. No matter the pressure avoid FAST FOOD RELATIONSHIP, GIVE IT TIME. You might want to know why we should give it time and other things, The truth is that I have seen people say they are tired of a marriage that is not up to 3 months... Most times the partners failed the AFTER SOME TIME TEST in their relationship. When we meet people for the first time, we may become so excited because of the first impression that can come from any of the following: dressing, beautiful face, fine body, sense of humor, attention, eloquence, anointing, sweet and lovely words, wealth, tender loving care(TLC) and what have you...
No matter what the first impression is, please wait for AFTER SOME TIME. You might also ask again why do we need AFTER SOME TIME?

With time the true nature of people will be revealed. No one can act forever. Actors don't like AFTER SOME TIME because they know that their real life will be exposed with time. If you want the hidden part of a person to be known, wait for AFTER SOME TIME.

Anything that will last needs time. Some relationships usually fail because people fail to wait for after some time. If you desire a durable relationship, you must give it time.

Many relationships lack quality because the partners never spent time to know each other. No quality care, no quality attention, no quality communication, no quality feeling instead everything is MANAGEMENT. They manage attention, care and love. For a quality relationship, wait for AFTER SOME TIME.

To know more about your partner, you need AFTER SOME TIME. A day goodness is not enough to judge a person, give it time.

 5. TEST
Time tests everything. It test emotions, feelings, love, care, attention, COMPATIBILITY. GIVE IT TIME. This is because;
  •  It is not how he/she feels now, will the feeling continue?
  • Its not what he/she does now, will he/she continue to do that.
  • It is not about what you saw today, it is whether you will continue to see it in him/her.
  • It is not about NOW NOW, it is about continuity.
Therefore wait for this all important time called AFTER SOME TIME to get the best out of your relationship. I strictly recommend this for those who are in a relationship leading to marriage because marriage is a journey and should be carefully planned to prevent regrets everyday of your life.

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