The Power of Being Single

We have been taught by society and even the church that it's not good to be single. The pressure we get even in the church makes you feel uncomfortable if you're unmarried. As a matter of fact as soon as you turn 25 years old, the older people begin to ask questions that put pressure on you and you begin to feel like something is wrong with you because you're single as they called it. And so you get this idea that you're not complete until you're married.

The number one source of stress among humans is relationship. 90% of the problem in the society are related to relationship, children not getting along with their parents, parents not getting along with their children, husband not getting along with wife, wife divorcing husband, pastors not getting along with members, members being offended by pastors, citizens angry with politicians all relationship problems and even though stress is caused by relationships, every one is challenge by the mystery of human relationship. So the key to successful relationship is knowledge.

The most important relationship in your life is not the relationship with another person, it's the relationship with yourself. Most of you hate yourself and want someone to love you, most of you don't get along with yourself and you want someone to get along with you. Self love is the most important love on earth. If you don't love you why should someone else do? Self knowledge is the key to a successful relationship, in other words, most of you want to know other people without knowing yourself, you think you do, let me ask you this question, if you knew all you know about yourself would you marry you? Think about it. 

Some single thought about marriage;

 1. You don't need to be married to fulfill God's plan for your life. 

Most times when you get married it literally cut you away from your purpose. They are many talented singers, actors/actresses and many more, but the moment they get married, their partner stops them from following their dreams. Don't rush into marriage, it not prerequisite to fulfill God's will. Most people who changed the world were unmarried. Am not against marriage don't get me wrong, but am against you using it to try and solve your loneliness problem. Marriage doesn't solve loneliness it only exposes it. The loneliness place in the world is to be married and not getting along.

 2. Marriage is a choice not a requirement.

You don't get married because others are getting married or because you're pressurized to do. Take out time to invest in yourself. The more you develop yourself, the more blessing you can add to somebody's life. Most of you are not married because God is protecting people from you. You're not valuable, have not developed yourself, not educate yourself, not learn to know how to be a blessing to someone, so God is protecting them from you. Most people have put their life on hold until they get married, this is wrong, you should be busy now doing something great, you should be working on building a solid relationship with God, making amazing financial investment and don't wait until you're married. Your purpose is not in your marriage but in you. Marriage could destroy your purpose. You could marry a wrong person and destroy your vision completely. Its important for you to get busy on your purpose right now so that when people come into your life, they meet you fulfilling your purpose so they know what you're born to do before they even talk to you. Stop wasting time as a boy looking for girlfriend or as a girl looking for boyfriend and start finding God's purpose for your life. Your life has three phases,

  • The first 25 years should be focus on me.
  • The second 25 years should be focus on we.
  • The third and final 25 years should be focus on them.
That means before you turn 25 years, you shouldn't be thinking about marriage but in how to develop yourself, discipline yourself, training yourself reading, fasting, praying. This is because when you get married you don't have the time to fast or pray as you used to because you now have responsibility. This Bible passage said it all 
"1Cor.7.33 - But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife."

 3. Marriage is design only for earth not heaven (Matthew 22:29-30).

Instead of pursuing after a temporal thing while don't focus on what is everlasting, use your unmarried time to get God's word in your life. The most important time in your life is your unmarried time so don't rush out of it, enjoy it, developing it, growing it and then you will offer someone a better products when they come around.

 4. It's better to be unmarried and be happy than to be married and depress.

Many people were joyful but when they got married, they start looking depress and old before their time. The worst place to be after hell is in a marriage that is full of pain, sadness and depression. So enjoy your unmarried life.

To be single should be the goal of every married person. This is what I mean, there is a difference between unmarried and being single. The society has deceive us making unmarried and singleness synonymous. Being Single is not the same as being unmarried. Unmarried is a state while singleness is a deposition. What most of us want is to stop being unmarried and they taught that marriage will solve their unmarried state but what marriage does  is that marriage exposes your lack of singleness.

Age doesn't qualify you to get married, knowledge does. You are ready for marriage when you have the information not when you have someone to marry. In 1 Peter 3:7, Peter says husbands should live with their wives according to knowledge. Singleness determines your marriage and your marriage determines weather you will get a divorce or not. So your marriage is only as good as your singleness

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions kindly drop your comments and we will get back to you. If you have any contributions also, feel free to do so.