Hello there! Thank you for checking this page, I appreciate your attention to me personally, not just to my posts and information I share. And I'm happy to share a little more about me and about this blog.

My name is Samuel and one thing you should know about me is that I love to see people smile and also reach their potentials in life.

While till in school, I actually wanted to be a psychologist and talk to people about their problems. So I created this platform whereby I can reach out to a lot of people without even meeting them in persons.

The primary missions and visions of 9jadifference are:

  1. To ensure that people's relationship lives becomes stronger. We at 9jadifference know that an unhealthy relationship can make a person to be mentally unstable and this causes depression to an individual. So we are here to see to it that you get the best out of your relationship.
  2. To ensure that you stay healthy. We make researches and bring the best health medication to you because we value not just your relationship life but also your health, as the saying goes "A good health is a good life"
  3. Get the best out of our amazing food recipes from around the world. We bring amazing recipes on how to make great meals with our self explanatory tips. 
  4. And finally get amazing daily motivational quotes to bring out the best in you.
But for my audience on here, it's going to be fun. Everything I say is opinion based on my experience or others I have seen and everyone has different ones. I have no problems with people with different opinions, I actually embrace it because that's honestly the point of this, to get different point of views from different people. I welcome anyone to comment.